Object Name: Balyag

Provenance: Batad, Ifugao


L. 64 cm, W. 39 cm

Balyag is a tall quadriform burden basket with a square profile and whole rattan posts at the base as extended feet.

Made of rattan, the balyag serves as a transport basket for different types of produce like camote (sweet potato). In form and function, it is similar to the Ibaloy kayabang. The difference lies in their shape. The kayabang has a rounded lid; the balyag is a four-sided basket with corner posts which stabilize the basket and act as a stand when the basket is put on the ground.


Fanged, N. (2018). Catalogue of Objects in the Feasts of Merit Exhibition. In D. Tolentino, Jr. (Ed.). Feasts of Merit: wealth, status, and feasting in the Luzon Cordillera. (pp. 119-198). Baguio City: Museo Kordilyera, University of the Philippines Baguio.


Location Map

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