Object Name: Kangoh/Yah Ngoh

Provenance: Ifugao
Handwoven cotton, brass, feathers, hornbill skull
L 67 cm
MK Collection

The kango or yang ngoh is a headdress worn by a male Ifugao kadangyan on special occasions, such as his wedding, uya-uy, and funeral. Only the noblest and richest families are said to have the right to own one (Maramba 1998, 120). It is fashioned out of the skull of a scarlet hornbill anchored into a rattan support, which is covered with a long ceremonial sash that hangs down both sides of the head. Another striking feature of the headdress is the thin projections that resemble the horns of the carabao which is a symbol of health in traditional Ifugao society (Maramba 1998, 20

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