Object Name: Kupit

L. 10 cm, W. 21 cm, H. 19.5 cm

The  is a purse used by the Bontoc people to carry rice and other food, tobacco supplies and other handy items, and sometimes valuables. (Hamilton, 1998, p. 126) According to Quintos (2014), it is made in a distinctly Cordilleran form. Its top cover is shaped to also serve as a headrest when travelling (p. 59).


Hamilton, R. W. (1998). Catalogue of the Exhibition. In L. Kostman & M. Ghaffari (Eds.). Basketry of the Luzon Cordillera, Philippines. Los Angeles, California: UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History.

Quintos, F. (2014). Provenance: Ramon Tapales Collections and Recollections. Kaurava Publishing.

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