Ardeth Angway Butic

Ardeth Angway Butic attended a workshop at the Sagada Pottery Training Center in 2004. There, she trained in all the stages of making pottery as any apprentice would: finding clay deposits and glaze ingredients, processing clay, throwing forms on the wheel, applying glazes, and kiln firing.

After two years of training, Ardeth joined a pottery exhibition with Tessie and Siegrid in Baguio in 2006 and in Manila later that same year.

She explores different shapes and forms as she evolves her own techniques and personal style of making pottery. Her signature design is a meticulous engraving of tiny pongpong leaves on her pots.

In creating pottery, Ardeth has learned to keep aiming for that delicate balance between precision and tempered abandon as she aspires to attain a certain level of refinement with each new firing.

Ardeth has joined pottery exhibitions in Baguio and Metro Manila. (ERA)

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