Siegrid Bangyay

SIEGRID ANNE BANGYAY’s creative career as a ceramic artist began with an apprenticeship under the American master potter, Archie Stapleton in November 2000. In the following years, she devoted full-time to clay art at the Sagada Pottery Training Center focusing on both functional and fine art vessels. Sagada Pottery blends in clay and natural glaze materials locally sourced in Sagada, two of which, Lumiang and Agdan were Siegrid’s “discoveries.”

Siegrid has devoted 20 years learning and teaching pottery. Her creative journey continues, leading her to find new directions in her craft. Her body of works includes a growing number of sculptural objects combined with wheel-thrown pottery.

She has exhibited in Baguio, Metro Manila, Subic, and Tagaytay. In 2011, Siegrid together with Tessie Baldo held an exhibition at the Bencab Museum. In 2014 she joined a Contemporary Southeast Asian Pottery exhibition in Virginia, USA. (ERA)

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