Tessie Baldo

TESSIE BALDO began her adventures with clay after she attended a workshop at the Sagada Pottery Training Center in 2004.

Following over two years of training, Tessie has since been consumed by the impulse to create pottery: to perfect the shapes of classic functional vessels, try new shapes, embellish using the work of local artisans, or mix new glazes using materials locally sourced in Sagada.

There are many discoveries and permutations waiting to be made in pottery, new trails to be taken that can only be pursued by dedicated artisans. Tessie has continued to make pottery having seen that this total
devotion to the craft is its own reward. She has not stopped learning and each day, imagines creating new pottery projects.

She has joined exhibitions in Baguio and Metro Manila since 2006. In 2011, Tessie together with Siegrid Bangyay held an exhibition at the Bencab Museum. (ERA)

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