Culture of Nationalism in Contemporary Philippine Society

Conference Proceedings

Year: 1995
Pages: 1-214
Publisher: Cordillera Studies Center


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An Organizer’s Remarks
Kageaki Kajiwara

Chapter I: Aspects of Nationalism

Ethnicity and National Culture
Nicanor G. Tiongson

Nationalism and Horizontal Conflicts
Fernando N. Zialcita

A Layman’s Reflection on “Culture of Nationalism”
Mauro Muñoz, Jr.

An Invisible Nationalism on Contemporary Japan
Yutaka Katayama

CHAPTER II: Narrating Nation

Fiction and Nation and/or the Fiction of Nation
Jose Y. Dalisay, Jr.

An Embarrassment of Riches
Charlson L. Ong

Returning to the Tribe: The Poets of Memory
J. Eugene Gloria

CHAPTER III: Images of Nation

The Reluctant Tourist- A Mythical Narrative on Nationalism
Pat Hoffie

Forging a Modern Mythology
Santiago Bose

CHAPTER IV: Nationalist Discourse and the Philippine Social

Nationalism and the Filipinization of Social Sciences
Steven Rood

Mga Disertasyong Nakafilipino: Tungo sa Pmabansang Iskolarsyip
Nilo S. Ocampo

CHAPTER V: Ethnicity and Nationalism

Cordillera Nation in a Philippine State
Zenaida H. Pawid

Bangsa: The Notion of Nationhood
Wadja Esmula

The Culture of Nationalism and the Local Chinese Community
Teresita Ang See

CHAPTER VI: Mainstream vs. Ethnonationalism

The City versus Ethnicity
Arnold M. Azurin

Alab ng Nasyonalismo sa Buhay at Paniniwala ng mga Rizalista: Selected Personal Notes re: the Rizalistas of Mt. Banahw in Quezon, Mt. Arayat in Pampanga and San Miguel in Bulacan
Rene E. Mendoza et. al.

CHAPTER VII: Economic Development and Nationalism

Nationalism in the Age of the Idiot Box
Emmanuel C. Lallana and Ma. Teresa M. Sicat

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