Resilience and Sustainability: Fourteen Narratives

Year: 2016
Pages: 1-200
Publisher: Cordillera Studies Center
ISBN: 978-971-92720-9-0



Chapter authors:

Preface to the Conference Proceedings
Alejandro N. Ciencia, jr.

Chapter 1: Resilience and Sustainability, Expanding and Thickening the Discourses
Alexander G. Flor

Chapter 2: A Report on the Post 2013 Super Typhoon Yolanda: Field Survey and Rapid Building Damage Interpretation Using Satellite Images
Erick Mas

Chapter 3: Lessons from the 201 Great Japan Tsunami and Present Practical Disaster Reduction-related Activities in Tohoku Region
Yo Fukutani, Yoshi Abe

Chapter 4: Impact of the 2013 Haiyan Event Inferred from the Change of SAR Intensity Images
Bruno Adriano

Chapter 5: Landslide and Rockfall Disaster Prevention Through Korea’s Unified Slope Management System
Ferdinand E. Bautista

Chapter 6: Characterizing Water Governance in the Philippines
Corazon L. Abansi et. al.

Chapter 7: Supporting Tool to Develop and Implement Resilience and Strengthening Strategies
Ikuko Matsumoto

Chapter 8: Theoretical and Mixed Methodological Frameworks for Research on Climate Change Resiliences
Benjamina G. Flor and Alexander G. Flor

Chapter 9: Civil Society Responses to the Bohol Earthquake: Good Practices and lessons Learned
Grace Brillantes-Evangelista and Caridad T. Tharan

Chapter 10: Nexus of Discourses in Risk Communication
Cecilia Fe. L. Sta. Maria-Abalos

Chapter 11: Localizing the Discourses in Disaster Risk Reduction Management through Translation
Jimmy B. Fong

Chapter 12: Reading on Local Risk Communication Efforts and Initiatives
Orville Tatcho

Chapter 13: The Scars of Good Intentions: Lessons from Post-Parma Volunteers Relief and Recovery Interventions in Benguet, Philippines
Marian C. Sanchez et. al,

Chapter 14: Resilient Communities and the Politics of Disaster
Dorothea Hihorst

Alexander G. Flor
Alejandro N. Ciencia Jr. PhD
Cecilia Fe L. Sta. Maria-Abalos PhD

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