Unsettling Discourses: The Theory and Practice of Indigenous Studies

Proceedings of the 2013 International Seminar- Workshop on Indigenous Studies

Year: 2014
Pages: 1-411
Publisher: Cordillera Studies Center
ISBN: 978-971-92720-5-2



Keynote speakers:

Indigenous, Intercultural and Community Universities: Latin American Experience to Address Education for Indigenous Peoples
Mirna Cunningham, PhD

SESSION 1A: Narrating Indigenous People’s Experiences

Philippine Indigenous Cultural Communities: a Historical Perspective
Esteban Magannon, PhD

The Quest for Indigenous Identity in Bangladesh: Reflections on Achievements and Setbacks since 1993
Prashanta Tripura

Reducing Barriers to Native AmericanStudents’ Success in Higher Education
Priscilla Settee, PhD

SESSION 1B: Theorizing Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies in the Context of Abya Yala (The America): Two Experiences of Indigenous Higher Education and/or Community-based Education
Tirso Gonzales, PhD

Whare Hape: The Ancient Pacific University of Indigenous Higher Learning
Wikuki Kingi

The ‘Indigenous’ in the Cordillera Studies Program of the University of the Philippines Baguio
Raymundo D. Rovillos PhD, and Ma. Paula Luz Pamintuan Riva

SESSION 2: Revisiting Key Concepts

Spirituality and the (re) construction of INdigenous Traditions
Leah Abayao, PhD

Ecological Spirituality, Culture and Development: Approaches and the Methodologies in Doing the Indigenous Dialogic Research
Edwin A. Gariguez, PhD

We Strive for the Well-being of our Society: the Indigenous Discourse of Women in Manipur
Vijaylakshmi Brara, PhD


Perpetuating Indigenous Knowledge Through Participatory Research, Validation and Value Addition
Hussein Isack, PhD

SESSION 3A: Ways of Knowing: Indigenous Knowledge

The Outline of Traditional Knowledge of Ethnic Groups in China
Zhao Fuwei et. al.

SESSION 3B: Ways of Knowing: Methodologies

Shifting Perspectives: Rethinking Indigenous Knowledge and Politics
Stuart Kirsch, PhD

Objectivity in Ethnographic Narratives
Raymundo Pavo

Ethnoautobiography: On Decolonizing Modern/Colonial Thinking through the Uses of Indigenization Paradigms
Elenita Mendoza-Strobel, EdD

Lexical Retrieval in L1, L2, L3 and L4 of the Bilingual Eskayan Tribe in Taytay, Duero, Bohol
Angelo O. Tubac

SESSION 4A: The Role of Intellectuals

The Role of Research and Academia in Indegenous Peoples’ Issues: Interculturality in the Making
Elsa Stamatopoulou, PhD

Changes in Gender Relations and Age Deference in the Practice of Gold Sharing and Their Translation in the Traditional and Contemporary Cultural Landscape of the Kankana-ey
Leo Mar E. Edralin

SESSION 4B: Cordillera Cultural Studies

Studying the Discourses of Colonial travel Writings on the Cordilleras through Rhetorical Analysis
Io M. Jularbal

Selected Songs of the Salidummay Cultural Group: and Initial Marxist Economical Assessment
Jose Kervin Cesar B. Calabias

Mobile Phones and the Igorot: a Culture-Centered Study of Mobile Phone Use in/by an Indigenous Community in the Philippines
Dazzelyn Baltazar Zapata


Indigenous People’s Political Advocacy: Whither the Academe?
Joji Cariño

SESSION 5: Indigenous Studies as as Development Concern

Indigenous Knowledge in Oral Narratives of Oromo Society and its Significance to Sustainable Development
Yosef Beco Dubi

Developing a Process Framework for Indigenous Community-based Planning: a Case from Mindanao, Philippines
Jayson Ibañez et. al

Editor: Darius Martinez and Ma. Paula Luz Pamintuan-Riva

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